Sea Cargo Transportation Software

Sea Cargo Transportation Software satisfies all your requirements of your services relating to sea transportation which increases the importance of new oppurtinity and competetive condiditons. 1

It should not be denied the truth that using of software will gain speed by raising service quality to Sea Transportation which is a part of service sector.

Therefore Select Software has developed this module which will answer your all expectations and desires for agents as working forwarder at present-day conditions.
The module given details below has reports and screen for realizing all your operational and financial transactions.

The program will be ready for day-working when necessary pre-detail for operation is entered. Pre-detailed information will cause gaining speed and truth to you.

» Fixed assets definitions

» Company definitions

» Ship agent definitions

» Ship agent freight and other charges

» Customer prices

» Domestic shipping charges

» Demurrage information

» Ship’s tariff

» Financial pre-information

Program realizes all transactions from booking to profit-loss fast and detailed after specified information above completed.

You can fax or print all kind of printed documents from prepared loading information.
The program, which gives profit-loss reports on USD,EUR,GBP and YTL bases according to your income/expense items, automatically prepares all kind of information entered statisticalreports.

Main Features

» Entering booking which

» Picking booking in hand easily under one position

» Company’s special position coding for LCF/FCL/CO-LOAD transportations

» Position screen including identical trip information according to transportation’s type

» Tracking loading information

» Tracking detailed container type and dimension, tracking TEU, tracking contract, tracking loading from container number

» Invoicing system from automatic tender to customer or agent.

» Preparing automatically printed documents like profit-loss templates, notifications of customer arrival/departure, delivery order instruction, shipping advice, bill of lading instruction, bill of lading.

» Tracking debit and credit, received invoice, preparing invoice on the bases of currency

» Ready transportation and financial reports on the basis of main criteriamanufacturer, agent, customer, like LCL/FCL, zone, port, line,

» User field transportation and financial reports,

» Statictical transportation reports according to container type

» Profit-loss on TL/USD/EURO/GBP bases

» Sending by e-mail all documents

» Arrival and Delivery Notices, Cargo Manifest, Avis, BreakDown Inland Transport order etc

» HBL, FBL and FCR printouts.