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Truck Tracking Module (GSM/UYDU)

arac-takip-hizmetiTruck and Tracking module is for integrationg data coming from GSM based or Satelite based positioning systems. The incoming data is integrated with land transportation module and inland trandportation module. Some features are;

» Integration and storage od incomind data form positioning systems.

» Sending or receiving messages to/from driver

» Sending the data by mail to any declared person.

» Sending the incoming driver message to any GSM phone.

» Compatible with GSM or Satelite based systems (may need modifications for brands)

Depo Barkod Modul (RF&RFID)

This application is suitable fot bonded and logistic depot modules. Software can work wiht batct terminals, RF termainals or RFID tags.
Some specifications are

» Printing labels for incoming or outgoing goods.

» Printing labels for shelves and pallets.

» Tracking of every movement of a good

» Goods, Pallets and shelevs movement tracking

» Locating or pickin instructions

» Good delivery tracking.

» Messaging

» Counting stok by goods, pallets or shelves.

» Barcode (and the goods) control for every movement for wrong action.

Koc Zer Integration Module

This module is a special module to use with aircargo, seacargo and landcargo modules. If you are to carry the load of Turkish KOC company, you have send the orders to KOCZER (sub company of KOC which tracks buying) and also you have to sen invoice details to KOCZER in electronic forms. This module helps you to do those automatically for you.

INTTRA Integration Module

This module Works entegrated wih our SeaCargo module. Using the program you can sen Shipping Instructions and booking order to the lines. Also you can get status of the containers using this module. You can get the names of the lines that you can work with using this module in the web page of Inttra.