Since its establishment, our the principleis offering our customers the latest Technologies. we present a new generation of programming languages and various versions to our customer. Basically, our company is focused on the logistics sector but over time, not only to produce packaged software, made investments to produce additional services.

As a result of various investments in our compnay to give you the key projects, we created a department to sell hardware and network services for out customers. With the certified personel we can provide servers and desktop products on wihch our programs can work most effectively with best price. In addition, we also started to provide you with Microsoft products.

Our company realized the importance of creating value added services and therefore started providing service of web page designs to reinforce the corporate identity and for your customer tracings.

Besides the above services, except the ready to use software package, we will be happy to meet your special needs of custom –made projects, training and consultancy services company. We are offering all the technological innovations to meet your needs and offers you the most excellent way.