Logistics Warehouse Software

Warehouse is one of the important points for logistics which is unavoidable service at present-day. Tracking for goods belonging warehouse defines quality of service providing. It comprises the following features:Logistics Warehouse Software

» Warehouse depot, location, shelf definitions
» Multiple Depot definitions
» Customer, product definitions. Optimal shelf definition for product
» Offering special price for customer (on kg, volume, package bases)
» Tracking entry waybill. Lack/surplus goods report.
» Tracking goods switch between pallet, rack and warehouse
» Company, production change in warehouse
» Picking order for goods exit
» Exit rules definitions for product exit (LIFO, FIFO)
» Preparing output waybill
» Tracking stock on product, company, warehouse bases
» Invoicing transaction for output
» Tracking rack lifetime of products
» Support barcode application
» Printing barcode for product, pallet and rack
» Tracking stock for customer with Internet support
» Connection to accounting module
» Authorization on transaction, screen and user bases