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Gökhan Girgin


Information technologies create change and development for administration, production, trade. There are some principles in business that will never change; efficiency, profitability, saving and competition. These principals never change but the way of obtaining those changes. Information technologies lies beneath those changes.

The opinion of using more technology and using it more efficiently grows everyday to make the most of the potential of the business. To do so technology sources and usage of it grows everyday. Today information technologies are seen as wealth.

Business world expense over 2 billion dollars a year for information technologies and it grows every year. Estimate of Gartner shows that a company can save between %5 to %35 using information technologies. Companies can return their investment more easily with information technologies.

What Do We Win When We Invest On Information Technologies?

Integration between systems minimize costs, maximizes customer satisfaction, creates business discipline and so profits more. In competition the differences you make can gain you superiorty.

Information Technologies organize flow between information points, and it speeds up process while reduces cost. It helps you to analyse your job and customers without spending time and effort in order to maintain your customer and customer satisfaction.

» What king of life do you want ? ….. Good life
» What do you need for it ?….. Good income
» What do you need for it ? ….. Satisfied customers
» What do you need for it ? ….. Good system
» What do you need for it ? ….. Software

Choosing a Software

How do you choose a software? In todays limited sources, decision makers must see alternative investments outcome and make the best choice before spending lots of time and resource. This evaluation must be focused not only on the software, but also should be on the company which will give service. Human relations, know-how and other services other then software are also important for the decision. They should have enough knowledge to participate your process or may effect your process.

As a result good customer relations can create new jobs, more profit but poorly directed relations can damage job. Information technologies create a very strong bond with your customers and flow information easily between each other. And all your job process unites.

RESULT : In a shorter time with minimum cost and maximum efficiency, more production and more satisfied customer can be obtained by using software.

Best Regards.