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Our firm prepared software based Windows from the day of its establishment(1994). In 2003, we redeveloped on MS SQL and new technologies. We have accomplished a quantum leapwith acquiredknowledge and experience from youas we have prepare new version with more practical/handy interface applications and have created package of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for logistics sector.

Our aim is continuouslymodernize and improve at our products and services by using all technological improvements. We intend to create moreinnovative software which will give direction than usual and provide service on world wide standard.

Our firm use Visual Studio ,Net (C#, ASP.NET), Java, Php, Delphi, C++, Html, CGI, VRLM, SGML, XML and Flash languages as programming environments while we use Oracle and MS SQL as data-base.
Our software is available to use over Internet and be harmonious with mobile devices such as handheld computer as a result of these features our software enable you to carry information all every points.