CRM (Marketing – Sales) Module

Marketing – Sales Module


Marketing and sales are the most important part of the operation. Beginning of operation is sale, beginning of it is marketing too. With this consciousness, our module is your most important module. Main features of our module is below:

» Marketing staff definition

» Premium system definition

» Marketing, sales definitions(reason of visit, offer state, defining problem)

» Company definitions

» Company contact persons and their personal data (direct phone, e-mail, birthday etc)

» Defining customer’s payments,due date, bank details

» Assignment of Salesperson and authorized operation for company

» Giving offer for customer

» Entering land’s buying/selling offers

» Entering air’s buying/selling offers

» Entering sea’s buying/selling offers

» Offers of agent, customer and supplier

» Tracking appointments

» Tracking visit

» Creating offer from visit screen

» Customer status tracking(target, potential,regular,lost etc)

» Tracking offer status

» Tracking customer’s activities

» Tracking company without customer representatives

» Spot sales

» The flow of booking information from spot sales to operation

» Customer’s delivery

» Tracking issued invoice to customer

» Tracking premium of marketing and customer representatives

» Tracking sales lead

» Agenda entry

» Meeting tracking module (meeting is an extra module)

» Batch e-mailing bulletin to customers (extra module)

» Batch faxing bulletin to customers (extra module)

» Batch sending SMS bulletin to customers (extra module)

» Flexible reports with user definition

» Transferring all documents and reports on Excel environment