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StepsPro Enterprise Resource Planning Software; Number one product  for Logistics in Turkey


SELECT modules can be used independent form other modules but uses common datebase. System Administration module provide you features like listed below;

» Create a new company and branch informaiton

» Create users and authorization

» Common input data (countries, Cities, Currenices etc.)

» Documantation management

» Active users management

» Internak messaging management

» Other database utilities


Our firm do not limit ourselves with only your desires while creating new our versions.
We follow other sectoral software improvements intenationally and nationally while following technologic newness.

Our new modules are prepared to develop a more advanced from these improvements. The new modules aim to effectively perform the most transaction with the least data entry.

Common features in our new versions as below:

» SQL database (Oracle, MS SQL, Postgre SQL, My SQL)

» Using information online from different centres through company branch

» Using with multiple companies

» Unlimited language option. Infrastructure translation of desired language .

» Convertible all headings in the desired format

» Preparing all documents in RTF format (characteristic of template)

» Attaching the desired document on screen or module

» User authorization for screen,report and field

» Transferring all data to Office environment

» All transactions from single module without extra an export or import module

» Full integration between modules
» Tracking cargo, order purchase, account statements etc via internet access

» Working according to ISO standards

» Sending all documents via fax or e-mail

» Using with remote access

» Transferring data by EDI

» Integration of other standard general accounting

» Integration of satellite vehicle tracking system

» Reporting for flexible and Excel applications

» Optimal infrastructure according to data mining